Todd Dukart

Hi, I'm Todd.

By day, I'm a software engineering manager at a news organization you've probably heard of.

By night, I'm a writer with a science fiction book you've probably never heard of.

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, I now call the Boston area home. I started in broadcast journalism — that's my degree — but I'm a self-taught developer who just kinda happened to get back into the journalism industry.

Yes, I write my code comments in AP style.

Engineering Articles

Read some of what I've learned as an engineer at several Boston-area tech startups and now as a software engineering manager in the local news industry.


A sci-fi nut, I'll often wind down reading a decent book, or attempting to write one. Check out my current project.

Blog Posts

Read some of my random musings, thoughts, news, and so on.

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