I use...

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Web Development

  • JetBrains WebStorm - yeah, it's a bit of a heavy IDE, but it integrates nicely with TypeScript and most of the tooling I use
  • RapidAPI (formerly Paw, through Setapp)
  • GitHub - like nearly everyone else
  • Gatsby - just really efficient for static site generation, although the learning curve is steep
  • NextJS - more power, less opinion, great for side projects
  • Sanity - decent CMS that I'm less afraid of getting locked into; everything else goes from zero to full-paycheck too quickly
  • Netlify - really easy hosting


  • Ulysses (through Setapp) - just enough to keep my fiction writing organized without the overhead of working in a full-on word processor


  • MacBook Pro - I'm thinking about an M2 Mac mini for my next computer, though
  • CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 dock - works nicely with my 4K monitor and hardware, plus it's easy to swap out my personal MacBook Pro for my work one
  • Logitech MX Master keyboard and mouse - I've struggled a ton with interference at home, but these work great on Bluetooth anyway
  • AirPods Max for WFH - I wouldn't pay full price, but these were a great buy refurbished on Woot; I use cheaper Bluetooth headphones in the office for theft prevention
  • iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil


  • Setapp - a bunch of good software for a decent price
  • Apple One - I have mostly Apple stuff, so it's nice having things integrated
  • 1Password - I was with LastPass, but I'm switching since all the metadata was leaked, unencrypted

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